Cosmetic Dentist in Vijayawada

Cosmetic Dentistry aims at providing dental treatment procedures that provide the maximum esthetic appearance and provides the best possible smile to the patient. The practice of conventional dentistry has gradually transformed into a more skillful, more esthetic, time saving and one that is long lasting with the advent of the concepts of Cosmetic Dentistry. Many techniques and materials are currently available to make Dentistry more pleasing to the naked eye. The whole team of Doctors and support staff at Lalitha Smile Clinic are well trained in various cosmetic dental procedures.

Cosmetic dentist in Vijayawada

Some of the procedures performed:

  • Cosmetic dental restorations
  • Cosmetic smile designing
  • Cosmetic veneers
  • Cosmetic crowding management
  • Cosmetic gum treatments
  • Treatment for black triangles
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