1. Front desk equipped with PC, Webcam, Barcode reader for pt registrations, Scanner, Printer, Fax, Digital Biometric system for attendance, Intercom and Internet
  2. Pt waiting area
  3. Wall mounted LED TV
  4. Hot and Cold water dispenser for pt convenience

Treatment rooms

  1. Equipped with 2+2+1 high end electronic dental chairs in 3 separate cabins
  2. Chair mount digital x-ray unit for patient convenience
  3. Digital RVG unit for hassle free digital intraoral x-rays (film less)
  4. 4 scaler units each for individual chair
  5. Laser Unit (10Watts) for Laser Dental treatments
  6. Intra oral camera with LED screen for on chair patient education
  7. Electro surgery unit for better surgical treatments and management of bleeding emergencies
  8. Rotary endodontic unit for hassle free Root canal treatments
  9. Complete Implant Surgical and Proshthetic kit
  10. Patient recovery room equipped with 5 beds and emergency medical oxygen apparatus

Lab equipment

  1. High speed lathe machine for acrylic finishing and polishing
  2. Marathon 4 lab micromotor
  3. Hanging motor for minor prosthetic work


  1. Private consultation and education room
  2. Equipped with centralised CCTV screen
  3. Digital patient counselling equipment

Sterilization and Model Lab

  1. Digital autoclave with pouch method of sterilization for stringent asepsis and sterilization
  2. Digital ultrasonic cleaner for pre and cold sterilization
  3. Digital ultraviolet chamber for post sterilization maintenance of instruments
  4. Glass bead sterilizer for instant sterilization of endodontic instruments

Other equipment and features

  1. Completely computerised patient registration and maintenance system with SMS facility for patient appointments
  2. Power back up with Inverter and Generator
  3. Complete fire safety for the entire clinic including fire safety hoses, fire alarms and fire extinguishers with due clearance from Fire Dept
  4. CCTV surveillance for the entire clinic
  5. Separate toilets for male and female patients
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