Laser dentistry

LASERS are those kinds of Photo mechanical devices that would be an alternative to the conventional mechanical devices used for cutting soft as well as hard tissues of the oral cavity. This is a fast growing field in Dentistry, thanks to the introduction of different types of LASERS into the dental avenue. The reported advantages of using lasers for treating dental caries are a reduction of the patient’s physical and mental stress owing to low noise and little vibration, as well as improvement of operating conditions and outcomes as a result of the ablative, hemostatic and decontaminating effects of laser treatment. In this branch, different types of LASERS are used to treat several dental problems that would conventionally take a lot of effort and time. Here at Lalitha Smile Clinic, we are equipped with high quality LASER equipment and trained dental staff for its application.

Some of the procedures performed:

  • Laser endodontics
  • Laser soft tissue surgeries
  • Laser treatment for aphthous ulcers
  • Laser bleaching
  • Laser flap surgeries
  • Lanap procedures
  • Laser desensitization techniques
  • Lasers in implantology
  • Laser biostimulation procedures
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