Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This branch of dentistry deals with all the major and minor surgical procedures of the oral and maxillofacial region. This is the most extensive branch of Dentistry requiring years of learning and dedication. This is a definitive skilled area, wherein the operator should be extremely gentle and conscious to produce an esthetic final result post surgery. We at Lalitha Smile Clinic has the highest competent and skilled team to perform all kinds of major and minor Oral and Maxillofacial surgical procedures.

Some of the procedures performed:

  • Minor teeth extractions
  • Surgical dental extractions
  • Extraction of impacted teeth
  • Cysts and tumors of oral and maxillofacial region
  • Alveoloplasties
  • Management of traumatic injuries to the oral and maxillofacial region under local and general anaesthesia
  • Cosmetic dental surgeries

latest advancements:

  • Orthognathic surgeries
  • Maxillofacial onco surgeries
  • Maxilla and mandible reconstructions
  • Soft tissue and hard tissue excisions and augmentation procedures
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